Visual Basic Programming

I started a Visual Basic (VB) course last week for school and have been mildly surprised at how much I like it. It is certainly a challenge that requires attention and focus, but not so much of a challenge that I'm pulling out my hair or cursing at my computer screen (yet). It should be pointed out that the class could more appropriately be named "Visual Studio 2010", because all of the programming and UI design is done from within that application. To the right is a screenshot of my first functional program. It calculates the cost to ship a package, based on its weight. For this particular exercise, I was instructed to work with the assumption that the shipping rate was 12 cents-per-ounce. Pretty straight forward; the hardest part was converting a simple math formula from English to VB code. Total time to complete was about 3 hours.

Update (5/2): I'm pulling out my hair. And nothing within reach is safe from being punched.

Update (5/12): Well...the class is over and I finished with a 96.6! It was not easy and there were times when it was *not* fun, but I'm definitely glad that I took it.

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